Receiving dividends on the same day

Obviously we know that when receiving dividends can take a few working days but as far as I am aware platform in NA such as Robinhood generally provide dividends within the same day. I was curious if Trading 212 can provide this eventually.

No it’s not anything to do with them, they distribute it pretty quickly after they receive the cash from IB. They can’t do anything to speed it up

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I think alot of the stuff on RH is derivatives.

When trading derivatives it’s normal to get the dividend payment on the ex-dividend date, when the stock will drop by usually a similar amount, or if your short you’ll have the dividend amount deducted. Your not receiving a dividend like a share holder but for derivatives to work on ex-div day they have to do this or you could just short every ex-div.

Ah gotcha, and what is IB?