Recommend 1 FTSE 100, 250, AIM 50 Stock

Hello all.

Thought I’d make a thread where we can recommend a stock from each of the Indexes for both our Entertainment and perhaps help others to look into quality stocks in the future. :slight_smile:

My recommended FTSE 100 Stock has to be Taylor Wimpey. It’s at a low price at the moment, mostly because of Lockdowns and the COVID situation, but I believe this company has been buying land to get ready to create new houses once the Economy gets back on track and more people want houses.

My recommended FTSE 250 Stock would be ITV, despite the Stock plummeting over this year due to both lack of content due to COVID and the sad passing of Caroline Flack (due to the lack of care the Company has provided), the underlaying assets of the Company is worth at least 3x the amount the shares are going for. ITV also creates content for other shows such as the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and Netflix via their outsourced Studios and should they be bought out, the new Owners would have a breadth of Studios they could use at a bargain price.

Lastly, my recommended AIM Stock is Keywords Studios. A Billion Pound British Tech Company that provides tools and software to the biggest known video game companies such as Square-Enix, Nintendo, SEGA, EA and Take Two. They have 50 studios around the world and have increased their share price over share price rather than decrease.

The only kinks I see in KWS is that the P/E Ratio is over 100 and they have diluted their shares in the past (to buy more studios), but I think it will be worth a lot more in the years to come.

Please recommend your 3 FTSE Stocks and remember to do your own Due Diligence!


Fun thread, thanks for starting.

Could I take:

100 – Legal & General
250 – Computacenter
AIM – Bushveld Minerals

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