Redemption of SPAC stocks


I have a question regarding SPAC stocks. Let’s say a SPAC you own (with like 100 shares) finds a target company and decides to followthrough with said company. You find out about this and don’t like the company that the SPAC has found and gone forward with.

Is it then possible to turn down the transaction/company and have your stock redeemed?

Is this even a thing on Trading 212?


@KasperK It’s not a thing here yet.

Hopefully in the future.

@David can you and your team have a look at this? Thank you!!

You can sell your shares though? :thinking:

Once you’ve bought into the SPAC, I don’t think there’s a get-out clause to allow you to have your capital returned, would seem strange if so. That would be like owning a share in Tesla, not liking a new car they design, and asking to get out. It just doesn’t happen.

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If you were an initial investor then yes, you get it back with interest and bank the warranty, with the ability to sell the warrant separately.

But unfortunately you most likely are not so no you don’t have that option. You brought shares in a legal entity and therefore you buy and sell based on market price and live and die by the companies decisions.