Reduction in T212 quantities

Agree would be really nice if we get a heads up to the incoming changes as this also affects our risk management/investment thesis.

These limits are really annoying. And many don’t make any sense if you compare stocks by mcap, trading volume etc.

I guess that’s the price for an easy to use platform.

Nice thought, so do you think I should open an account where I will probably have to pay ~£5/transaction to trade my £10 worth of shares in ENET, or do you have a better suggestion?

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Can you please increase the possible position value of $IHICY?


Please increase to at least £200 - £300+ worth of shares:


Thank you kindly @Bogi.H

If you think the shares are going to increase why would you care about paying £5?

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Because it is likely to require multiple buy/sell transactions as the price fluctuates to try and recoup some of the £500+ which the initial cap caused me to lose.

You didn’t lose anything.

With an attitude like that, you must have an interesting trading record.

Can you please raise the limit on SLNH? I have been building a position for a while and all of a sudden you have limited the max position size way below my holding.

These position sizes are becoming a real hinderance :confused:


Yes. I quite regularly turn down profitable moves because I don’t want pay £5. I usually go to the brokers forum and complain whilst the opportunity passes me by.

By the way, it’s also their fault that I waited.

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SLNH is a nano-cap security with a market capitalization of 4.9M. It also has low trading volume as a result of its thin liquidity. We have capped the instrument at USD 500 notional value, which reflects accordingly the current market conditions.

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@Momchil.G please may you raise $KTRA to at least £200+ worth of shares so that people can invest.

thank you kindly.

With all due respect I know their market cap, revenue, debt and business, its why I am investing in them. Not allowing us to take opputunities of undervalued stocks whilst they are still undervalued and low float is restrictive.

500 USD is pittance, can you please look at this again, its not like T212 is at risk much with 500USD ?


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It is if we all buy 500 dollars worth.

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500 is a pittance. It would be helpful to understand why T212 has to limit the maximum position. It is hard to attract someone to T212 if their minimum investment is, say, £1,000. Why would I put £100k or more into a T212 account if some investments are limited to £100.

It is the individual who is (or should be) carrying the risk so if they are happy with the investment it’s up to them. Maybe if its considered high risk or volatile put a warning or “are you sure” but I don’t understand why T212 imposes these restrictions.


I would put my chips on Risk Management/Compliance reasons. The regulators could impose some limitations on brokers/banks. Or just the T212 internal policies have limitations related to Risk Management.

@RLX maybe your right but I can buy large quantities in other accounts but its heavily restricted in T212. I have one holding that is “sell only” at present but I can place big orders elsewhere.

The vague comment I’ve seen refers to it being an issue between T212 and the intermediary (I assume IBKR). I have assumed that it is related to how fractional shares are supported and the whole arrangement that allows free trading. It would just be nice (for me at least) to have a clear and simple explanation.


It’s likely a reporting issue because of operating from IBKRs API. From the regulatory perspective buying and selling will look like collective action and not the action of individuals, which means 212 could be at the risk of having pauses placed on their trading activity.

That’s what they mean by risk, risk borne by all clients because of this action, they really don’t care what you spend your cash on.

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its so annoying having 212 have small cap uk stocks in sell only mode. Its just so annoying. Take plexus and ondo insuretch. When they were low sell only mode. When they multi bag can buy again. Then when they fall goes back into sell only mode. Come on, please just stop this because people on other platforms get to take part in the rise and fall, but 212 can only buy after the multi bags. If 212 dont want us to invest in small cap UK, then JUST DONT LIST THEM.

Such a shame, because apart from this 212 is by FAR the best platform i have ever been on, everything else is more than perfect.


I agree. Listed stock should not have any random surprise limits applied to them, if that is not possible for some reason, the stock should not be available through T212 at all. Trading is already difficult and risky, this just adds more difficulty and risk to traders.