Reduction in T212 quantities

Can you explain to us why you’re limiting people how much they want to invest? This is the only broker that does this.

We’ve discussed that previously in the topic :point_down:

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As market conditions improve will the limit on all these stocks improve automatically or will we have to request individually as we are currently?

As you know this has been tedious for both t212 and its clients.

Thank you

We’re reviewing all quantities regularly. However, you can use the thread here whenever you have requests about specific instruments.


@Bogi.H please increase $SYBX at present you can only trade £60 worth, which is why i have not invested in it yet.

Please make the minimum £300 or close to it if you can.

Thank you kindly.

We raised the limits of Synlogic (SYBX) to 750 shares.

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Thank you Bogi, you are the reason why i keep using Trading 212, your customer support is amazing!

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Anyone having issues checking how much shares we can buy using the webpage?

@LearnerEarner, thank you for the kind words :blue_heart:

@Tabbyh7, are you checking them here?

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Hi, yes Bogi selecting the i next to the ticker but doesnt seem to be working anymore, would be great if we can just see this info on the stock from the app.

That sounds strange. Here is what I have on my end :point_down:


I’ll send you a DM so we can check this further :pray:

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Cool thanks, im on my phone so dont know if its due to that

Hi Bogi its due to my browser, samsung internet playing up, just tried it on chrome and it worked.

Thanks for letting me know :ok_hand:

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@Bogi.H Please increase BSGM to at least £300 worth of shares, at present i can only buy £81 worth so i will wait until its increased if possible or i will just choose another stock.

Thank you.

We increased the limits of BioSig Technologies (BSGM) to 4,662 shares :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Thank you Bogi.

Can you also re add VLCN for some reason i can not find it anymore on T212 but its on every other broker. As you know i am lotal to T212 so i will only use you as a broker :slight_smile:

@LearnerEarner, sorry to disappoint you, but we won’t be able to increase the limits at the moment. The company has a low market cap, and the current limits adequately reflect the instrument’s market conditions.

I discovered that T212 has reduced the maximum holding of ENET by over 33%, following on from a previous cap of 15,579 to 9,866, about £10 at today’s price. On the previous occasion, I was forced to take a large loss and sell my excess holding so that I could continue to trade them and try to gradually recoup some of my losses. You have now made that virtually impossible with such a ridiculously low holding limit. This policy is costing me real money, and you are making these changes without any notice to people holding these shares.