Reduction in T212 quantities

Thanks for trying @Bogi.H <3 but I need 20x that amount xD

Will have to invest through Interactive again

P. S. Could you share the formula t212 uses to determine the max limit? Seems arbitrary at times and confusing


Please could you reconsider the limit on the PXMD.

The current limit is 910 which is extremely low. Also, the company was recently moved from NASDAQ to the otc market but today the company has announced that it has appealed that. At the moment you have given people until the 22 May to sell their shares in ISA accounts or they will be sold by T212 but if we already own shares in our Invest accounts we can’t buy more in Invest to replace those we are forced to sell in the ISA and there is a real possibility that the company will move back to the main NASDAQ market meaning the ISA sale was unnecessary.

Please increate the Invest limit so that we can sell the ISA shares and just buy them back in the Invest account.

It would be bad if T212 forces people to sell only for them to see the share price then rise and the company restored to the main market. Its our money, we aren’t wanting leverage, we believe in the company fundamentals, we just want to be able to buy shares in Invest and I don’t understand why T212 imposes these tiny limits


I would like to own more stock in the following tickers, can this be done please?

$sint $crkn $gwav $slna



Apologies for the late reply, @ssjabid :pray:

We have looked at each ticker and have adjusted the quantities:

  • $GWAV - 10,000 shares.
  • $SLNA - 15,000 shares.
  • $SINT - 20,000 shares.
  • $CRKN - 150,000 shares.
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