Referall code thread

Is there a thread for referall codes please?


you can use mine if you want


I’m already trading buddy. Thanks anyway but I was looking for somewhere to post mine lol

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oh hahahaha fair enough

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There’s one on Reddit:
Don’t know how beneficial it would be on here as I would just see it clog the forums

Also, 99.999% of the people in here will already have an account, why sell milk to the cow?

The cow might be thirsty? :baby_bottle::cow2:
I can’t even get my kids to use my referral code!

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Do you think handing the referral code out to people on the forum struggling with id checks and the like would be acceptable?

Yes I’ll try anything for a buck buck buck

No you’ll be flagged for sure, we don’t do self-promo or spam on here

Good Job I deleted it and asked first then! Close one, I’ve not been banned for atleast a month

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