Referral link no longer working


Recently I have invited few people to Trading 212 using the referral link. The first two people successfully aquired their free share from Referral Programme, but the next three invited people, despite registering using the given referral link and doing all the required actions, haven’t received the free share. I am wondering if this is a common issue and whether this can be somehow fixed.

Have you tried giving them the promo code to enter (the unique letters if your link) I’ve seen a. Few posts about the link not working recently, and as a YouTuber that worries me

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:man_shrugging: There’s no issue on our end whatsoever. See below:

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I have been having same issue this last 2 weeks.
Referred a number of people by social media and know for a fact 3 people confirmed they used my link to join.

Out of the 3 confirmed, 2 referrals have not received their share nor have I.
When checking the link my self (No Ad-blocker) the link redirect’s to:… etc

where I found an odd issue of not being able to progress past this point and this is where it gets very ODD… It just hit’s a blank page an does nothing on Android Chrome but works perfectly fine on Chrome Desktop (Windows PC).

The two referrals that did not work both did it on their Phones (Both Android no ad blockers), the one that did work did it on a Windows PC…

This resulted the other two referrals that hit a blank redirect page completing signup via the app rather than the website as I found out…

Additional info…

Not had issues with with people signing up using their phones in past months, this is only very recently.

@Marc :wave:

Here you have a workaround:

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I’m sorry, I completely forgot to respond in the thread. Entering the referral code into promo code did indeed work. Thank you for your help!

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