Rejected Coupang (CPNG) order

Has anyone else struggled to buy Coupang (CPNG) stock today? My order has been rejected twice. Was my order to low or was the price moving to quickly for the order to be placed? My first attempt was as $50 then again at $63.


They haven’t finished factoring in all the institutional trades from yesterday’s pricing. Keep an eye on it. Once the price starts moving more actively like a normal stock, that should be it.

Cheers, All the previous IPO’s I’ve bought on the first day have gone through once the chart and price was showing on T212. I thought it was all sorted due to the lack of price for the first few hours, looks like a waiting game for this stock then.

Guessing they were lower profile companies, hence less institutional attention?

Coupang be like…

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Yeah they were. I’m just going to have to get this one on the dip after the initial excitement is over. I was just hoping to get in early as I’m always late to the party on the bigger stocks!

Everyone is on the bigger IPOs. Nature of this sh*tty little game.

Live now @Clueless @phildawson

Nice little drop into the 50s.

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Yeah my initial order issue is becoming a blessing… happy days!

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What happened to $35 :neutral_face:

Plus VAT…?


I swear they go let’s see if we can get them to pay double or triple.

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Yep - started doing it with Direct Listings as well yesterday. Shambles.

Hope it pushes lower. Got a whole lot more buying to do!


With 1.75 billion shares outstanding



Make that 94.33 Billion

Wasn’t its own valuation 60 Billion?

It’s my understanding that the 60 Billion was at $35 so it’s either now an overvalued stock or they under valued their business? Only time will tell I guess?

Considering it opened at almost double, I’ll go with overvalued.

And the market agrees…!

Come on. Give us $40-45. That’ll do.

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Down 22% so far. Already an immediate 28% upside.

50 alert pinged