[Request 〽] Greatland Gold (GGP)


I think we would benefit from this stock being on Trading212.

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Hi there, can you please let me know if AIM stock could be added auch as GGP? Thanks

@David any chance this can be added on the platform please?

@cezar Sorry for the delay - it’s live now.

Amazing stuff, thank you @David


@David i’m having trouble with the Greatland Gold stock data, updating.etc on the platform, could you please confirm it’s working properly.

@gb1994 There haven’t been any new quotes in the last few hours, p5.30 is the last official buy (ask) price. This is out of our control.

@David I have a £50 order that’s been ‘processing’ for 30minutes though.

I have no option to cancel the order either, I’d rather buy the shares however. @David

@David or anyone, I’ve been trying to buy this since 8:00am where 7500 was £495.

It’s now 7500 for £570 (+£75) so you can hopefully feel the frustration.

Do I need to set a much much higher limit to get these to go through?

I’ve got one with a limit of 8p but its now at 8p! I just want to buy!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So the 8am trade still hadn’t gone through, nothing happened at 9am.

Now trying with a limit of 8.5p …

@phildawson If you just want to buy, no matter the price, using market orders would probably increase the probability.

Trading Setsqx AIM stocks isn’t as seamless as trading blue chips, unfortunately.

@David or anyone

so I had two 7500 share market orders with no limit this morning around 8am (back when it was p6.6) but after a couple hours of waiting and nothing happening at I’ve switched to a limit order.

9am auction came and went and still nothing happened. :man_shrugging:

I switched because I though it needed some wiggle room. 15000 with limit @ p8.5

It’s now p7.40 so well under this p8.5 limit.

Should I stick with this which I placed over an hour ago…

…or now cancel it can re-buy 15000 shares again but with no limit?

Will this get done at the 11am auction? :pray:

I just want to buy. :disappointed_relieved:

Just swapped to market order again.


:raised_hands: Bang on 11am it went through at @7.45

Not the p6.6 I was wanting 3hrs earlier :neutral_face: but we are on the board.

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 11.04.04

Any reason the original market orders placed around 8am didn’t go through at the 9am auction?

(Kind of glad it didn’t as it was closer to p8 at the time)

Second question if I had placed an order before opening would I have got the p6.6 at 8am. Or is that a maybe like the 9am not going through.

@David Has something changed today? I’ve had one order go through before 11am and I’ve made another one at 11:34am too.