Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

That’s where it got really frustrating. After I nudged them to force through the purchases at auction I then ran into a brick wall with customer services who insisted “some AIM stocks are illiquid” etc… A copy/paste response. When I explained I understood the mechaics of auction trading I still got the same resposne. When I screenshot the order book showing uncrosses and how I should have been in that sale…guess what? Same response!

Yous pays your monies yous takes your choice

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Just got another batch on FT @7.8
So - to my mind - not a lot of point faffing with the opacity of the auction.
Personal choice. I understand savings are savings.
I’d personally choose to get hours of my day back!
That said I am a nerd and I am in lockdown.

Maybe I’ll hack something together for noobs that don’t understand this kinda thing… hmmm… thinking hat on


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I kind of want to chuck in a fair amount to this but I’m hesitant as I’ve been :neutral_face: before with AIM. I’ve got amount a million shares with SRSP and thats suspended forever after years of nothing. Waiting for p20 on that. :joy:

I’m hoping the news with GGP at the end of the month is excellent and it :rocket:

I’m surprised T212 forums are so quiet.

@trading212_team any chance you can make GGP instant trading :pray:

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So I’ve just topped up another 15000

It was p7.70 but the deal went through at p7.80 :man_shrugging: only £15 lost from buying at that but not cool.

Also it went through before 11am so what’s going on??

Is it buying at those set times or not? This was four minutes after @NickS @PeterA

So I’ve now got an avg p7.63 share instead of what should have been p6.63 without all this messing about. So £300 wasted with the penny diff. That’s quite a bit when it’s only a couple thousand in.


Ok WTF just tried it with 100 and it went through in 60 seconds!

Both :smile: and :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Has something changed in the last day?

Edit2: So I try with 1500 shares at 11:39am and its pending 11mins and counting…

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 11.46.52

Edit3: 39mins waiting luckily it stayed at p7.60 in this time period.

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Market orders are placed fine at the moment, but I tried to place limit order as well without success its still pending, any reasoning behind this?

We’ve been working on making the market orders instant.


:pray: thanks

Is there a reason that some go through instantly whilst others are taking 45mins atm?

It’s much better than waiting at specific times in the day but still tricky to buy dips when they last for 5mins and uncertain when your order will go through.

Well I’m happy with holding 45,000 now and back to a p7.5 average.

Roll on the end of the month! 20p a share :rocket:

Got a bit carried away today hacking together a pre-trade information sheet that might help noobs with trading stocks. It tries to analysis price improvements and live quotes and form a range in which execution should take place.

It should help those people that say “the app displayed a price of 6p but I executed at 8p I’ve been robbed!”

Or maybe it won’t.

I dunno. Either way I’ve had fun hacking it together. Should be available tomorrow (maybe).

Works on any LSE stock… with reasonable accuracy from my testing

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once again today the orders are taking ages to process

I’ve bought a few today.
Didn’t seem that bad.
All executed in the auction uncrossing as expected

Did you set price limits?

If yes then check time and sales data for the uncrossing auction prices throughout the day

I did a test at 8:13am this morning. 45mins waiting before it was filled.

@David has something rolled back in the code? It was quick yesterday but as you can see today 45mins after pressing buy which means the price can be completely different by then. I’m a bit worried when the time comes to selling at the price I want.

@phildawson Still optimizing the process. :slight_smile:

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Is this a swing trade play or you guys are investing?

Me personally I’ll see where it will go, its an easy x2 (or x3 or x4 :crossed_fingers: ) for just getting on board for 10 days.

I don’t really have enough time or money to make it worth the gamble in constant buy/sells.

Depending on how many mill oz and if its low/high grade they report then it could be 12p-35p instantly at the end of the month.

Might sell some and keep it ticking depending on news, it’s got potential to hit a pound sell in a short space of time so I would quite like £45,000 from the 45,000 shares from just a few thousand spent. Glad this is in a S&S ISA!

We need T212 to improve the buy/sell times now so its not such a :grimacing: waiting either way. If I click sell I want it sold now and not potentially in an hour.


@phildawson Working on it!


Its much appreciated! :heart:

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Exciting times ahead! :smiley:

This is absaloutely awesome, I have been trying to research GGP for the last couple of days and can’t actually find much on it, do you guys think the current price of 8.6p is still worth it?

To me, it seems like it could have massive potential. Thanks all.