Returns Graph instead of Portfolio graph

How it looking, any ETA on when we might see a returns graph? Or option to exclude deposits?

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I frequently deposit and withdraw money from my Invest account (either to cash or to CFD) and my chart looks nothing like my P/L, which is the most important to me - I want to see it grow over time. But if I make 100k and withdraw 200k, my chart looks terrible - please fix this and add it to CFD too, cheers!

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I have been following this thread for a long time and have see no changes on this. I consider this update will be extremelly welcomed amoung users. It is a simple but powerful feature of all good investment broker.


Totally agree.

We need to be able to easily see how our investments perform over a period, and capital contributions skew this.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to see net returns over a day, month, quarter, YTD, etc.

There isn’t a great deal of value to the current graph other than showing the gross value of the portfolio.


Ditto on this. The graph is basically useless at the moment


Bump. Any movement on this?

We still can’t share a timeframe, @davidguymoore. We’re focused on other improvements, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have any updates.

We are still waiting… Its almost 2024.


It would be really great to get a more granular performance view.

If I switch the time frame to YTD, it should also be showing the YTD performance of the individual stocks.

This is by far my biggest short coming of trading 212… so much so I’d just assumed I was missing something before finding this thread…

Freetrade has by far a better solution to this.

It’s not mathematically difficult to normalise return by time or total amount… so that doesn’t explain why this still hasn’t been implemented.

It’s up to T212 to decide their priorities but I’m unlikely to stay for long if I need to create my own spreadsheet for this feature