Rivian (RIVN) about to go public hopefully it is available on T212 by then

Electric truck maker Rivian to go public in possible $8.4-billion IPO

This EV car manufacturer are backed by Amazon. Amazon has ordered 100.000 go back to 2019. So it is highly unlikely to become Nikola (NKLA)


Any update from Trading212 on where thee Rivian will be listed right away on the 10th November? It’s a hot IPO and a lot of people are looking to invest



can we get Rivian (Ticker. RIVN on NASDAQ) as fractional share please?

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@Trading212 Rivian (RIVN) is going public today. Where is Trading 212 are you ready ???

It’s on already

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Try restartung your app.

They usually go live at 10am california time.

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IPO priced at $78 and indicating a $120 opening. Despite the hype around it, I’d be wary of a case of FOMO by letting it find a consolidation area before considering a serious position. We’ve all seen what happened with big-name IPOs like COIN, HOOD, etc.

Typical of High Profile IPO. We could learn it from High Profile IPO such as COIN, ABNB

If the price did not drop close to IPO price, there is always be another opportunities in the market.

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Lol the price is dropping quickly

It needs to go to 50$ to be attractive.

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And then half again.


What’s going on though?

I’m sorry for the people who buy so high

Oh It’s called learning process so don’t be sorry :rofl:

Well. The problem here is that you do not know where is the ceiling price. The word high is “relative”

Example: DWAC SPAC stock

People normally buy SPAC around NAV price, but some people bought at @30, @40, @50. Keep in mind the price went up to US$95.

People might say @30, @40, @50 is so high but what about if they bought at those prices and sold it at @90. They would still make profit, do not they.

As noone has a crystal ball, there is always a Risk vs Reward in trading/investing in any asset. That is what people will need to decide before buying any single asset.

Similar to RIVN stock, those who are waiting it to drop to original IPO price, it is not uncommon that it will never touch the original IPO price again.

Another example is Lucid Motor (LCID), if you were waiting for original IPO price @$10, you would never buy this stock as since the reverse merger date they never touch the original price until today.

With the current share Price of around US$130, The market cap of Rivian (RIVN) is around US$127b. Similar EV company Lucid Motor (LCID) with the current share price of around US$44 Market Cap is US$71bil.

I remember as of Nov. 9, General Motors (GM) has an $85 billion market cap, Ford (F) is at $80 billion. Both GM, F are relying their revenues mostly in on ICE, the declining market.

The original RIVN IPO price was around $57-$62 and then went up to $78 per share. To me the share price will need to drop about half of the current price e.g., around US$60 before considering buying them. If it did not happen I will look for another opportunity.

Of course it wll be different if you are a day trader, short-term swing traders doing in and out within a day, or a few days within less than a week (say).

Seems like Rivian is beginning to run out off battery life or is there another pack of AAA in the cupboard to be brought into play and pump the share price?

If we’re heading to a period of normality Rivian has a long way to fall.

Well that “long way to fall” could happen within a day as with any stock :wink:

Touching the $88 mark but to be fair not dropping as fast as i thought it would have by now