Rivian's blockbuster IPO is here

Rivian’s blockbuster IPO is here :zap:

Rivian (Amazon & Ford backed EV-maker) goes public at $70+ billion valuation - one of the largest automotive IPOs in history.

Along with Lucid Air, Rivian is yet another EV-maker challenging Tesla on US ground.

Capital at risk.


Is it accessible to trade in the UK? Can’t find when searching for either name or ticker.

Yes it’s in the U.K.

In and out secured the kebab.


Well done getting even that. IPO looked horrid. $40-60 range within a week or so?

As a Amazon shareholder I guess I already own some of this sadly haha.

Yeah same as @Hbomb buying Ford, Amazon or any of their suppliers is the way to play this at the moment.

I don’t see how it’s valued more than Polestar / GGPI at present.

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Rivian is pocket money for Amazon.
They invested because the new trend is to go green and aim for zero emission.