Robinhood mention in FT today

Interesting article in FT today.

Robinhood has been accused of blurring the boundaries between an easy to use customer interface and gamification, which encourages trading with email alerts and in-app prompts encouraging customers towards more complex, higher-risk investment products. When trades are completed on the platform, customers are sent emoji-laden messages prompting them to purchase additional shares…

The complaint singled out one customer that the regulator said had no investment experience who made 12,700 trades within a six-month period.

I figure that is about 100 trades per weekday.


I am interested in how that’s even possible. Don’t you get flagged as a Pattern Day Trader in the US after 3 or 4 trades within a certain time frame and your trading abilities are temporarily suspended?

I think as long as you have $25k+ of funds you can go nuts.

Even with less. I read stories of young investors funding 2000 USD and trading nuts with options. I wonder if they have some sort of protection like we have in Europe. Watchdogs protect retail investors by not letting them blindly use complex trading instruments.

that is amazing in a way I honestly did not expect :astonished:

who wants to try and beat that record?? :sweat_smile: