Roblox & AirBnb & Affirm IPOs in December

T212 are good, however @intunderflow please note that the price at which retail investors, such as us, will be able to invest is likely to be much higher than the IPO price. That is because that price is usually only for institutioal investors. Retail investors access the stock later (buying it from the initial buyers - usually institutional investors) which means that it could be significantly higher.
And brokers such as T212 cannot do anything about this, it is just how IPOs work.

That happened for example with Snowflake’s IPO.
Does anyone know the exact numbers?

The banks have been really bad at pricing the recent IPOs, couple that and crazy valuations you get a snowflake

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Sorry to bother you 1 week later, but I dont wanna make a new post . Do you know with who I need to talk so that they add this : Drone delivery Canada stocks - Stocks & ETFs requests - Trading 212 Community ?

Thank you.

Something to bare in mind for anyone looking at air bnb is this potential $1B tax bill that’s being discussed.

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If you’re lazy and don’t want to do your own DD, or you pride yourself on your DD and want to supplement it, check out Chit Chat Money podcast on Spotify. They do weekly deep dives and today’s episode is on Roblox.


Thanks Joey. I’ll give it a listen.

To digress slightly, I’m going to try and look into Affirm soon as well.

One here for air bnb also.

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I am very curious why do people want to buy AirBnB? It’s this the next Uber? High IPO then the price will go down when people realise it is not a profitable company, has a lot of debt and not enough cash flow?