Top 5 stocks for 212 members

I was actually considering buying a chunk of ZLAB and then decided against it, can’t remember the reason tho.

When I look at fundamentals of PDD/BILI, I simply cannot push buy button. JD/BABA on other hand are in value zone, BABA moreso, JD is coming to it around 76$.

I have tracker of your published portfolio, but I am still not brave enough to do a DD/invest.

Maybe one day… :trolleybus:

Do you still think that Magellan Midstream Partners and Tencent are in “value zone”?
If so I may look into them :slight_smile:

For exposure to Tencent I have been looking at Prosus for a while but haven’t actually bought…

MMP is definitely value play(I buy weekly, still), but that is my opinion as I believe oil & gas are here to stay for decades.

Tencent I am(was) increasing position during current dip. At 65$ earlier it was great for starting position, but even sub 78$ I buy steadily.

Bidu had also nice dip to 180$, imho good buy, but more speculative play then other mentioned.

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That portfolio is a moving target and changes almost every month :slight_smile: Out of curiosity how is it doing?

FWIW here is what I am planning to buy in my SIPP FY21/22 (all prices in pound sterling)

Name Cost buy
Popular, Inc. 51.0534304 60 3063.21
SBA Communications Corporation 209.4988302 14 2932.98
Mastercard Incorporated 275.4728054 10 2754.73
BILIBILI ADR/1Z DL-,0001 74.89753958 34 2546.52
NETEASE INC. ADR/100 78.32746723 30 2349.82
Roku, Inc. 256.4320331 9 2307.89, Inc. 54.44740493 42 2286.79
American Tower Corporation (REIT) 181.333156 11 1994.66
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited 84.41792576 23 1941.61
Prologis, Inc. 82.4836479 20 1649.67
Equinix, Inc. (REIT) 522.1327805 3 1566.4
Duke Realty Corporation 32.84677043 45 1478.1
Pinduoduo Inc. 92.52175901 15 1387.83
CyrusOne Inc. 53.27533322 20 1065.51
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. 108.4489912 8 867.59

I haven’t decided 100% on what to do with the ISA but I think 70-90% of it will be invested into my semiconductor pie with the following percentages.

W %
Broadcom Inc. 20 17.70%
QUALCOMM Incorporated 17 15.04%
ASML Holding N.V. 17 15.04%
Texas Instruments Incorporated 15 13.27%
Lam Research Corporation 12 10.62%
KLA Corporation 12 10.62%
Applied Materials, Inc. 12 10.62%
Intel Corporation 8 7.08%
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I am surprised that Rocket Lab is not on your list :slight_smile: .
Or have you already bought that one?

The other option is that the situation has changed since March, which could have happened. It is a SPAC and fairly “pricey”.

Also, thank you for sharing your list. As always, quite interesting :smiley: .

I already bought half of my planned position size buy selling some ETFs, and waiting for new financial year for the second half. I think this might be my second stoneco, if not better.

Already bought it, and down 15% so far :slight_smile:


Things looking pretty different again - combination of topping up more traditional value shares and defensives, and tech shares tumbling

Morses club
Ted Baker

I do like the quality of TB, and RDSB is probably undervalued at the moment as well.

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  1. Palantir
  2. Apple
  3. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust
  4. Alibaba
  5. Osprey Technologies (SPAC merging with BlackSky)
    5.a Desktop Metal (almost same weighting as BlackSky

Moved the majority of my Invest account over to another provider’s ISA, so what’s left is a hodge podge of the remains;

KE Holdings
Planet 13

Not really my highest convinctions, bar SoFi.

In the new ISA my top 5 are;

Digital Turbine

It’s a growth portfolio so by no means a buy and forget strategy.

Ooh is that talk allowed here, you can hold all your new ISA stocks in 212(I think) :upside_down_face:


Yeah I know but I use my 212 ISA for swings and general experimentation.

Wanted to take the current year ISA elsewhere so I could use it for a different strategy that required less frequent monitoring.

This is a fantastic mix.
Palantir will no doubt explode as value continues to flow in. Apple is a safe play. Alibaba for a large Asian tech holding. Scottish Mortgage for growth. Osprey as a speculative play which seems promising financially.


I don’t really pick individual stocks other than the obvious; but Palantir are the one for me that stands out.

I’ve been tempted for a while just to get a few shares for a long term hold.

Where have you gone if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m moving mine to Vanguard next tax year

I hear they have a bit of dodgy insider dealing with the executives taking profits from shares. Though it seems to me they’re rolling in contract after contract. I’d be very surprised if they haven’t doubled in price by the end of the year, especially given the fact they’re also a meme stock!