Rollercoasters trading day!

It Started so well today and then came the stimulus news!

Are we headed for another’s CORRECTION?


TESLA was just a hype before big day on Wednesday :slight_smile: On Wednesday TESLA will go over $900 correction was already hapenning over past few weeks since 8th of Janaury

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The one day GNUS posts news FFS

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Read this

Market by moth and day.

There is volatility before q4 financial data release.

No one can predict the market.

Yes a correction will happen it can happen. In March or June or 2022 we just don’t know.
But stocks are overvalued and after a massive run a correction is due, but could be in 2023 we just don’t know.

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Yes looks more like a squeeze, the shortS might lose their shirts, it’s unbelievable.

Squeezing short-sellers used to be a [game for the professional, but it seems the amateurs are now learning a few of the tricks themselves.“

And I don’t look at the line chart it does not tell you anything.
Candlesticks and volume at least tell a story.

Bananas if anyone paid over 100


KeepS pumping @Reddit

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Wall Street money bags are confused about this phenomenon.

Pre-market 72% up

I was long on AMC, but closed on Friday @3.2, I have been closing speculative plays too early.
Closed DDS, AMC, ETH too early, before the final blow off. Earlier I used to stay till the end and exit at loss.

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Today could be interesting too, GME’s the only stock on my watchlist in the green pre-market–still wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole though:

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It would be interesting to know how much is being moved out of those and into GME

And how much is just because it’s a red day.

Is GME draining the rest of the market :joy:

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AMC 230% pre is nuts


Just keep an eye and TP when needed

Crazy that so many people believe this is the entirety of wall street getting done over

Whatever retail traders are winning rn, the majority of wall street is winning 100x over. Robinhood users celebrating their 50k gains on options that were filled by? Citadel - who also get the order flow, ‘front run’ the trade and then after squeezing their mates Melvin, get to take a revenue share agreement of a fund that are usually extremely profitable

Also aside from HFTs every other hedge fund on wall street probably been squeezing the shorts alongside retail traders since the start

Why is it a big deal now cos retail investors are squeezing them!

The hedge fund targeted by Reddit investors Melvin Capital reportedly closed out its short position in Gamestop on Tuesday.

The bricks-and-mortar retailer was targeted by an army of Reddit investors from the forum “Wall Street Bets” which boasts more than 2m subscribers.

Manager of the fund Gabe Plotkin told CNBC it had closed out its short position after taking a huge loss.

Is anyone else having a shitty day today?

All my investments are down ridiculous like BP and Shell.

All indices are pointing low

AMC is at $21.40 this is simply PUMP AND OUT sure you can make some money on this but you got to know when to come out from this it’s risky…