Doji Star on Tesla?

Looks like a small correction is coming up, let’s see if the support levels hold.

If not if this turns into a route could be a good buying opportunity for all waiting a depreciation in price.

Not cfd, only stocks.!

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Here is the explanation of this pattern:


I’d wait for it to close at 18.00 first. The volume has been above average today and the amount of large scale orders are in the $500 million dollar range, much more expected.

Can I ask what app you’re using please

Webull, it has an amazing amount of detail even if u don’t use it to trade


I’d suggest anyone wanting to invest in TESLA to do so after it’s S&P inclusion (+3-7 days), as TESLA consistently drops 20%-40% in price. (Just my opinion, I’m Not a professional).

@soloinv i’m a Huge fan of WeBull, it’s a fantastic tool (both app and desktop), and via them Level 2 is super cheap :wink:


Thanks for that. I’ve just checked it out, it’s a great app

Yeah I’m loving level 2 atm


Best app I’ve seen yet, thanks for sharing

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Will check out that app - thanks for the tip.

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It already got knocked down once on 9 December at the resistance line, but shortly after it turned bullish and is breaking out of the bullish channel upwards, if the candle closes green (above the red line) It will be a sharp move upwards in a very short time, crazy bullrun.

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Update, it looks like it is already busy happening…

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woooo hooo, roll on Shorting :wink:

One of my Trading rules is to never sell in a bullish channel, only wait and buy at the support line, if it is at the resistance line, you can decide to close positions in profit and take it home, and once it comes down (Green line in the picture) you buy again :+1:

i’ll be shorting tesla when its in the S&P, the higher it goes the harder it falls :wink:

Interesting stategy, once Tesla is part of S&P when will you know to sell? How will you know that it will not go super high, taking all your money, before it goes down?

I won’t blindly enter the trade, and bare in mind TESLA can increase and decrease by $35 a day so shorting isn’t difficult… As your chart wonderfully shows, TESLA reacts to news, and usually drops by 20%+. “wooo hooo” is because i’m excited for the $70+ per share of profit.

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Imo we will see a pullback by Tuesday/Wednesday - depends on whether index managers got enough shares before the close, I’m not 100% sure they did looking at the closing data but seeing conflicting sources atm.

If not, Monday could be quite spectacular but beyond that I’d expect to see traders who were holding to sell to index funds at ridiculous prices dump their shares - hence Tuesday/Wednesday pullback.

Either way, the real winners yet again are hedge funds.

Edit: Perhaps idx managers did get enough… we will see Monday I guess

Its going to be “Whooo hooo” for sure next week :joy:

I’m thinking of putting stoploss in profit at 650$ price, and if Tesla decides to never come down to 650 again, then profit heaven is there for us all!

@ryan9921 Either Monday Tesla goes down fast to make sense again, or the next green candle comes, and everybody who is too late buying Tesla will cry at their screens for a while

Tesla prices are still too intimidating for me to want to get involved long or short :rofl:

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