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Moving to sustainable energy isn’t, moving to EVs and forcing ICE cars off the roads via regulation will because (at least here) adoption of EVs is being pushed with no work on everything else that needs to be done. Replacing houses with modern houses that can take a car, improved residential roads that can take cars, improved residential parking , improved residential power. None of this exists and the suggestions here so far is if you can’t afford an EV is to rent or share one which is just another endless bill.

More needs to be done, just making EVs isn’t enough

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I completely understand your opinion, but I believe you need to do a lot more research on the EV market and the actual infrastructure being rolled out across the entire planet.

Sustainable energy transformation is directly linked to EV. Regulation across the world is forcing the two at a slow pace, but improvements in technology and economics of going electric / renewable are what is improving the pace of the change.

If the cost of putting solar on your house would pay for itself over 5 years and then the majority of your electricity cost would be free or even pay you thereafter would you do it? Maybe / maybe not, but then if you factor in that electricity would deliver all of your fuel usage for your EV it makes it a lot more viable / attractive. This isn’t the future, this is reality in a lot countries already. In China residential solar is already cheaper than buying from the grid in over 440 cities.

Your argument that we need to knock down houses without driveways isn’t realistic. Initially people will find alternatives to charge. Road based wireless parked charging isn’t just in development, it’s in use in other countries. Autonomous ride sharing is the end goal, so actual car ownership long term will eventually decrease in any case, especially on large towns and cities.

I value your opinion and don’t wish to argue, I believe we may just have different views. I suppose I am exposed to this type of conversation quite a lot, as I work in the oil industry (I also have a small holding in Shell).

are we still talking about shell or is this now a discussion about global EV rollout?

I thought this was the TSLA to the moon :rocket: thread? :sweat_smile:

In all seriousness though, I would interested to hear others opinions on a Biden win and how this will potentially impact Shell (& the wider oil market) ?

Speaking of oil, has anyone taken a punt on these guys…Bahamas Petroleum?

Are you bananas? B a n a n a s?

I would buy both bananas and RDS to be honest, although I consume a lot more of the former.

Possibly I am bananas, but have a look at their current activities and having done some research I think a few pennies could be added to this share which could give back some good returns.

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Getting back to Shell…

After switching my dual-fuel over to Shell Energy purely because they were offering the best deal, on Friday a salesman visited looking to get people to switch to it on my estate in West London.

Think this confirms my thoughts that a big push of Shell Energy is underway as they look to grow their market share rapidly

I think with shell still under £10 its very much a buy in terms of oil/energy stocks. If your not bullish on these companies avoid but if you are I think this is worth a look, also BP is creeping down to almost under £2 which is historically VERy cheap too

How about today - under £9 - bargain ?!?

Hi, I had a price alert when it hit 900 - and I am no expert but it concerns me that it has hit 900, BP just seems to mirror this slide as every day it is down around 2-3%. I think it could further ie 850.

Hold your nerve. Money to be made.

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Ladies and gents - this is a nightmare on RDSB - I never went back in on RDS - I hope you arent too far down. I really hope that nobody had Rolls Royce today - this is carnage. I even sold my BP today - oil looks to be a disaster now.

Positive results . Hold tight.

Thinking of buying in currently, am I mad?

Who dares wins and also loses loads hehe,I’m holding

I’m also holding. Half a position as it stands. Expect we are close to the lows, but if we can hit 850 I will buy the other half.