Sale price ***BABA / Alibaba***

Just for this, over the next week or so depending how lower things go, I see a few things I like the price of. In the future I’ll do better at keeping cash to hand.

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It would be a feast if it dropped 180-190$ area :partying_face:


@Vedran I don’t think it could go that low short term, but I’d love to buy at that price. :smiley:

Someone is getting greedy! haha, but who knows with this crazy sale price.

Think this will go on sale again with DIDI news.

Interesting, it closed last Friday at $217.78 - hasn’t moved since Dec 2020.

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Well looks like DIDI is getting the Chinese BABA treatment…


A good read: Understanding Alibaba Stock: Why It’s Better Than Amazon (NYSE:BABA) | Seeking Alpha

Of course it’s not better than Amazon. Both companies are too different.

I was fairly recently before Alibaba - China shenanigans looking for an ETF to invest through my ISA in companies like meituan, pinduodo, teancent, sea ltd etc. and I stumbled on this beautiful thing:

If I ignore the 1st holding on that (Shopify) I’m loving this list, it even has my non-china favourites likes Naspers (which is not available on T212) and Adyen.

After finding this ETF (FDNI) I stopped buying individual chinese stocks and distributed all my future allocation between 3 ETFs, FDNI (bigger share), KWEB/KESG (smaller shares)

One thing to note is, it is an outrageously expensive ETF


Hmm… not cheap at 65 bps, but I’m liking the weighting of its top 10! Thanks for sharing.

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nope they are not cheap :slight_smile:
but first trust is relatively cheap(er) compared to my favorite KraneShares ETF - KSTR, which is plain out extreme.

KWEB → 0.76%
KESG → 0.4%
KSTR → 0.82%

For some reason KSTR was omitted when they were adding KraneShares to trading212, I requested it here but I am completely baffled about how they respond and add some shares in 15 minutes and some not even after a year…

edit: side not KSTR is very different strategy compared to KWEB/FDNI or this thread as in BABA

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Hi Kali,

What is your logic behind this move? I would understand if ETF held hong kong listed BABA/JD/BIDU etc, but they also hold ADRs so what is the benefit in order to justify 0.65% fee?

Yes they do hold ADRs but you can hold ETFs that hold basically most anything in your ISA. so legally it is not a problem. And it has exposure to “some” of the HKG board stocks as well.

for non-isa accounts trading on HKG boards is not cheap anyway. Here is a recent transaction of mine from interactive investor:

lack of fractional shares and fee free trading, you(actually me) end up saving a bunch and than trading on potentially a single share.

If you check that above transaction, I’d have preferred to spend £3000 on a mix of 3 shares(at least!!) BABA/meituan/SEA

so just the tx fee for that would £60 + £45 fx fee (£105) without taking stamp duty into consideration that is 3.5% loss at the instant I execute those 3 trades. All of a sudden 0.65% fee does not look that bad :slight_smile:

a counter argument can be made, “hey kali there might be a similar ETF that costs a lot cheaper”
that is probably correct but the distribution on this ETF is very attractive to my taste, not only because of the Chinese shares but also from EU and Africa as well.


actually, if you guys traded on HKG, you probably know you can only trade in “lots” of shares. So for most shares you cannot even buy “1” share. Depending on the lot size you have to buy 10/100/2000 etc.

I have same issue of many individual shares cant own in ISA, BABA you can so I do, I also own some ETFs to get my China exposure, currently about 20% of portfolio is China, majority is BABA.

I would recommend those bullish on China to get an A-shares ETF as this covers a different aspect of the market, I own HMCA.

Very, very interesting ETF! It’s worth creating a pie based on this - I’d get rid of Shopify and Adyen (excellent businesses, but overvalued rn) and would increase the stakes of Pinduoduo and BABA.

This way you won’t have management fees or anything. It’s called direct indexing and for me it is one of the greatest and most underrated advantages of Trading 212’s pies that no one is talking about.

Story wise it would be fitting if the catalyst of the resurgence of BABA stock price is Ant IPO going ahead successfully after starting the whole downtrend.

I myself am not a big fan of most ETFs that’s why I painstakingly pick stocks and handle my portfolio (and quite often publish portions of it here) a blanket attitude of “etf bad, snow white good, hulk smash” is not healthy in investing.

it does not matter what a random CFA names buying individual shares, as I’ve mentioned like 2 posts above majority of these shares are either not available on T212 or in ISAs. And even if you are buying these on a proper broker in a different wrapper, it is not cheap to buy these shares individually where HKG markets are available.

Having said that may be not for this particular ETF but for many others (like VNQ or SOXX) it’d make life a lot more easier if there was an api in T212 to automate creating/editing pies. Hell forget about an API even copy/pasting a CSV would’ve made these things managable.

Personally I don’t need an API when @treeba is around. :smiley:
No seriously - yes, it would be great. I don’t think it’s a feature many people would use, that’s why it’s probably very low in the priority list. Probably Trading 212 could create such pies themselves and share them with us in the pie library?

For example one could want to invest in the S&P 500, but just exclude Tesla from it. T212 could create pie templates for the top 200 most popular ETFs.

I thought you’d learn by now @Vedran. @kali invests in China = time to leave china :slight_smile:

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