Closing Charts on Desktop - Loosing all my drawings

I set up my own layout for the few (3) instrument I trade in CFD but I keep doing the same mistake of closing down a chart and loosing all my support lines and trend lines.

Can anyone guide me to the best practice not to do that apart from rubbing it in my face of ’ just don’t close the chart mate '. Even if there where a warning of ’ if you close you will loose all previous drawings ’ would be great.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

When you get it how you want it click on T with the folder, click create template add a name and save.

Then click the padlock next to it. That’ll set it to open like that as a default.

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Template doesn’t save support/resistance lines. Those are only saved as long as you keep the tab of that instrument open. You can close your browser or browser tab though. When you return to T212 platform, the open tabs will show again.


Exactly. This is why it would be amazing to have

  1. a confirmation of ‘you really want to close this tap’
  2. the ability to somehow lock the tab and you can’t close the tab without unlocking it.

It would be cool feature. I’m sure I’m not the only person who accidently closed a tab.