Search bar not working - Resolved ✅

I’m on Trading 212 on my Windows PC and within my ISA account, the search bar to search for stocks is not working. It’s working for Invest and CFD. Anyone else having this?

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Search bar not working for me either…

Wow I thought I was the only one… super weird. As you say no problem with it on Invest/CFD but on ISA account clicking the search icon doesn’t work (on desktop, mobile is ok).

@Team212 can you advise pls

[Screenshot of issue from console]

I have the same problem with my ISA account on Safari browser on my mac. It’s working properly for Invest practice account. There is probably a bug, hope they fix it soon.

We found what is causing this - a fix will be uploaded in about an hour. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

In the meantime, feel free to use the beta web app:

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I can’t seem to search for instrument in the search tab within mt ISA. All frozen, anyone know a way around this?

It’s fixed now - thanks again. :ok_hand:

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