Second bank account

Does anyone know if you can link up a second funding bank account to T212? I can’t see an option for this.
You can add cards as you like (at limit though) but not an additional bank.
Would save some faffing about transferring cash to the funding source.

Hi @Davey,

You should be able to add a second bank account, as shown on the screenshot below.

Regardless, if some questions arise, just feel free to reach me via DM and I’ll assist you further.

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OK. Thank you for sharing that. It certainly shows a difference in screen presentation. I do not have that add bank button.

If you wish to make an Instant Bank Transfer with another bank account, you would have to delete your current bank account so that you are able to deposit with a new one.

The “Add new bank button” would appear if you have deposited via conventional bank transfer once.

Ok. Gotcha! Understand that. Thank you

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