T212 Account Name Change

Hi all,

First time post, just asking for some advice.

Could I have an issue with deposits if my T212 account is registered only my first and second name, but my bank account from which I want to make transfers from, also has my middle name?

T212’s notification came up before making a transfer that my account must match my bank account name exactly, so thought I’d ask.

And is there an option on T212 to change / update your name?



That’s fine - as long as you have included your account number as a reference, then we’ll be able to allocate the funds easily. Just in case - check this too (it’s a workaround in case you haven’t included the number in question).

And yes, you can ask our team to add your middle name - feel free to reach us using the in-app contact form.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll get back in touch if I have any issues with this.