See the change (gain/loss) for a customizable period


When looking at the investment instrument data (ETF, Stock, …), you can see in the details the change for the last day, week, month, 3months, 6months and a year.

How can I see the change for a customizable period? (e.g. max? or perhaps 2 months?)

If I look at the chart, is there a tool which I can use to select a range between different values and get the change (absolute, percentage) visible somehow? Or is there another way to see the relative change?

I would’ve thought that by adding a trendline, I would be able to see the “slope” of the trendline somehow.

E.g. this JustETFs chart nicely shows a relative change based on a custom date range:

And I can choose relative change, absolute change and market value as Y axis values.

Am I missing something very elementary in using T212 user interface? :confused:

In the advanced chart mode just hold Shift and click and drag the box


Perfect :+1:, thanks a lot! Any other tips & tricks and where to find them? I searched through docs but was unable to find this piece of information.