Separate pie holding from stock list

Is it possible to sort you regular stock holdings from pie holding on the mobile apps. Its very frustrating scrolling through the long list to find each stock not in a pie?

I’m regretting adding a pie with 50 investments alongside my other 30


Agree - segregation or manual trading within a ‘Manual trade’ pie could be used to do it.

I manually add/remove stocks and fidget with the weightings to allow that as my workaround.

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Also on the Web apps. It’s time consuming and labor intensive.

Option 1: Maybe a button “Hide/Unhide Pies’s Positions” (or “Collapse/Expand”).

Option 2: Or put all the Pie’s Positions on a new tab, leaving the standalone positions in a separate tab.

Option 3: A more detailed and useful feature could be grouping the positions in each Pie and leaving standalone positions in a non Pie group. And having also the above Option 1, to minimize or maximize the view of each group.

I’m using the android app mostly, it doesn’t contain most of them features.

There isn’t any filtering option on Web apps also.

T212 has already nice features, but they are working all the time to improve the user experience. So it’s a work in progress. We need to be patient. They will deliver more goodies to us. :wink:

the web app does have a portfolio filter, but its not comprehensive. it just lets you sort between manual/pie shares and between manual/autoinvest pies.

Thanks, Dao.
Funny, I did notice the filter for Manual/AI Pies some time ago, but never saw that filter.

I’m still mainly an user of the old app, only go to the “beta” for pie baking.

The Advanced View is a nice feature but the old app have the bid-ask prices more outstanding that I like (now more discrete on the bottom panel of beta app) and have the notifications panel with mousse right button enabled (copy).

The “Today’s Stats” panel of the old app is well positioned, informative and aggregate all price matters, day price range (this is gone on beta app? I can’t find it), day price/return change, I don’t know why T212 changed this panel on beta app.

No luck for me, all manual pies. :sunglasses:

Yeah, various features of the old platform are currently missing but we got feedback from one of the team members that they are looking to port it into the new platform now that its out of beta mode.

I think the new platform does its job well for the majority of clients who want an investment account but only check occasionally (every couple of weeks/months) and need a smooth layout to make things easy to find.

There is likely to be another toggle for frequent users that wanted the more technical aspects that are currently missing to be displayed.

It’s like: Put all that inside. (old app features on new app) :slight_smile: