Session on web and mobile app at the same time

I am not sure if it is just me, but each time I open a session in the mobile app I get disconnected from the web. Sam happens the other way round too (login web => app gets logged out).

Is it possible to be able to use app and web at the same time? Would be great not having to log in every time on both platforms.


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Yeah its been mentioned many a time in the forums. I think it only affects Android but I can’t remember.

Anyway yeah it drives me nuts.

iOS here, so it’s not Android only unfortunately.

It’s pretty annoying but let’s wait for an official reply from @Team212

If you were doing it btw to look at the 1d / 1w / 1m / 3m / 1y / max charts the newer interface has them.

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To be honest I just switch often from mobile to desktop and the experience is a bit weird and annoying.

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See Using app along desktop