Shareholder perks/benefits

@David Quick question if I may. In 2022 when everything has hopefully gone back to normal we would like to book a family cruise with P&O. I understand if you owen 100 shares of CCL you can get a share holder perk of £150 extra on board credit. Assuming I own 100 shares by then, what’s the best way of proving this to them? I assume it’s okay to email you for a statement showing my personal details and ownership of the 100 shares?

Cheers in advance.

PS, can’t wait for the new share bundles you mentioned.

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Hmmm being new to trading Im not aware of these perks.

Do companies we invest in ever contact us direct due to owning shares in them? or because we go through a broker and own minimal shares (in my situation) they don’t even know we exist?

Im glad you brought this up @RobK interested to know more on how this works.

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Here is there thread on this before, has been asked a few times:

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This is why the Government need to reform share ownership so that every investor has a free personal CREST Account to hold “paper” shares in their name [not the platform’s] and receive the benefits, and force platforms to use personal CREST accounts.

You’ll have an increased trade and settlement cost

You won’t be able to have a SIPP or an ISA as they have to be nominee currently

Your ‘sponsor’ will charge you

Crest will charge you for every message ‘you’ utilise. This could be 3 messages per trade or it could be 30 depending on the settlement flow. I’m assuming (rudely) that most investors don’t understand the legalities and quirks of settlement behind the scenes?

Unknowingly you probably hold shares that are Not crest eligible - xpeng and li auto are just 2 examples. You will limit your stock universe.

Your corporate actions will land on your doorstep and you’ll have to vote or elect yourself. Ok, you might like that, but equally you’ll have no support when a 200 page document lands in the post

I looked into building a personal crest account option for a broker I worked for. Ultimately it was not viable. The cost outweigh the benefits.

The better solution to this is for T212 to provide the documentation ‘proof of ownership’ that companies/registrars need for you to claim your shareholder benefits.

ShareSoc are pushing this ownership model. I’m not onboard. Yet.

SRD II legislation will provide a push for change too. So let’s see…

I’d be legitimately interested if any ‘new’ brokers or tech startups have a ‘solution’ to this. I don’t know of one - because of the legal issues and limitations.