Shareholder benefits

Mitchell’s and Butler offer a shareholder discount at there restaurants and send out a voucher booklet every year, if a buy shares on 212 will I still receive the discount booklet?

Not sure if it’s best to ask 212 or contact M&B. But as a the broker I thought it might go through 212 to get distributed

You’re holdings in a nominee , so you don’t receive the vouchers the nomone does.

T212 (if they want to - because it’s a pain to administer) can provide you a proof of beneficial ownership statement. That SOMETIMES is accepted to receive shareholder benefits in the company in question. Whether it works for m&b In your local pub is open to question. Same with your discounts in next, Wetherspoons, BA etc…etc…

Basically… ask T212… get statement… show to your local bar tender and see what face they pull at you?

That does read as if M&B require the physical voucher. So, no, no chance. Sorry :cry:

I thought it would be simpler than that. You don’t show the bar ect a shareholder certificate but you get an actual voucher booklet set in post, I thought it would be as simple as 212 receiving the vouchers and distributing them accordingly

I guess you could request them but they might need to be in your name which you won’t be able to get as you’re a nominee. I would also be interested in shareholder perks, but it seems very complicated and the team have bigger priorities right now

How do you distribute 1 voucher for 50% off food to 342 underlying holders? How do you get 10% of a Thursday pint to 854 underlying holders. T212 get 1 voucher set not a quantity in relation to overall nominee holding

It’s one booklet of vouchers once a year, not hard at all. Hargreaves Lansdown does it and have a lot of more clients to deal with. Obviously 212 is smaller but I would like to see it included, they have very shareholders info and such as name as address and can redirect any material they get to the shareholders who own the stock before the cut off point

That’s not quite my understanding but happy to be wrong

See what T212 say. Since they themselves are in the Interactive Broker nominee it might prove painful

Keep us posted

I’m also interested in this CCL give extra on-board credit with 100 shares.

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Actually administered the CCL shareholder perks historically. So I should know.

Historically (old)

Should (potential to be wrong)


I’ll chime in here, because I’ve been through this recently. The situation is the same, the company wanted the nominee to request the benefits card on my behalf, but Trading 212 are unable to do this, and I get why they can’t because it would be an admin nightmare.

That said, I approached the company anyway and explained the situation and asked if there was anything I could provide from my broker that they would accept as proof of ownership of the required number of shares. In my case they asked if trading 212 could provide an official statement of ownership with my name, address, and holding and they did accept that. Your mileage may vary.

The bottom line I think is just talk to someone, be nice, see what happens, and if they refuse then you just need to accept it and move on unfortunately. It will vary by company, and some will accept a statement from trading 212 and others won’t. They will be aware there isn’t really anything stopping you from getting a statement saying you are the beneficial owner of X shares, getting your benefits which are valid for a year, and then selling the shares. It would be completely at their discretion based on their view of the risk of someone trying to scam the system.

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How do you know what benefits are offered to shareholders?

I came across it by chance from a friend who was receiving the vouchers then I googled companies that offer benefits

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