Shareholder Perks

Hi guys, I was looking at the Freetrade website and found this nice feature.

They undertake to request discounts or benefits from companies that offer them to their shareholders or provide you with proof of ownership.

I think it would be nice have something like this here on Trading 212 too.

Let me know what you think about it.


Yes, it would be great to have such perks,
However Freetrade does not offer any perks at this stage, it was Freetrade community request to start with perks. But it’s in pipeline as Freetrade does not have enuf manpower to carry such administrative work.

@Caius, not sure if we are talking about same, but the original post is referring to perks for owners of certain stocks which are provided by the Stock company itself not the investing platform. For instance CCL - Carnival offers pocket money for Cruise onboard one of their ships. ( for owners of 100 CCL stocks)…

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This would be cool. Saw something from HL about this.


You get this perks as shareholder, it is just information laid out on broker site. Nothing related with broker itself, so if you own those stock at t212, you get the perks as well…

It is just about some folks who are not aware certain company have additional perks for their shareholders…


I would rather get dividends then perks :nerd_face: