Special benefits for shareholders if you are not in the stock register?

Hi everyone, this is my first topic so sorry if I am doing something wrong categorizing it. As far as I understood, you cannot register in the stock register when using Trading212. I get that you cannot exercise voting rights but what happens to special benefits some stocks provide to shareholders? For example Lindt sends a suitcase of chocolate to its shareholders, Calida sends pajamas and some Airlines give miles to their shareholders. Is there any way to get those items if you trade using Trading212?

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Trading 212 can offer proof of ownership, some company may accept that, some may not. That’s all that can be done. There are multiple threads on this topic you can try search for.
And is the number not 212121212 @Kennybobs?

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You like flagging things as spam?

what do you expect if you make posts that contain no value to the discussion?


I will try that out, thank you. :slight_smile:

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