Shares are bought at a price that was not reached

Set a buy for NextEra Energy today pre-market. T212 got it at a price that did not even reach in market today. I wouldn’t mind if it is like around the market price. But this is ridiculous.

And this is not the first time. Got screwed the same way for buying SP500 etf and selling NASDAQ 100 VIX. Got the worst possible deal both while buying and selling leading to a loss of about 6%. Is the buying algorithm so bad?

Was that your price? 76.36 that’s what it opened at.

Don’t put market orders in before the market unless you are confident and studied the premarket action. Go with limit order to set a max if you must.

Also T212 are don’t the buying and selling. They are placing the order via IB.

So it’s like saying give me 10 apples at your best price and handing over £20, and the person says well apples are now £1 and hands you back 10 apples and £10. And you go you what, a quid an apple!

If you had said I only want to pay a max of 50p an apple then either you get the deal or the seller goes nope get lost.


Just to add its worth looking on TradingView to see the after hour action and pre-market before it opens. Also stocktwits is fun to get a general idea, but be warned its like youtube comments.

Ok some are good.

I was tracking the pre-market conditions and hence put a buy order for SP500 and a sell order for NASDAQ100-VIX. But looks like there is (almost) always a small pull back after the opening highs of any day of any high volatile stock.

That looks to be the window to buy, rather than just setting a buy order.

Thanks for the additional sources :slight_smile: