Shares missing after buying some NFLX today

Bought some shares in NFLX today so in investments I have 0.15… but when i go to important them to my pie or click on sell it says I only have 0.038 shares.
what’s going on? Do I have the shares or not because my cash has been taken but I can only move or sell 0.038 worth of shares

You need to export them out of the pie in before selling them.

They are not any NFLX in the pie though. I’m trying to put them in the pie but it’s o it letting me import 0.038 instead of 0.15. The shares aren’t in any other pie either.

When I go to import share shares it says connection with the server. Seems like an error has happened somewhere. Like the app thinks I only have 0.038 when moving the shares but in my account I have 0.15

Hey there @Ryan,

I’ve sent you a DM with more information. :slight_smile: :email: