Shopify stop loss sell limit failed to execute 🛑

Hey, first time trying to set a stop loss limit to protect my profits. Shopify was tradings at $820ish when I set my order earlier after market open, and it’s now below my order which is still pending below:

Is there a reason why it didn’t execute? I suspect it may be because the gap between the stop and the limit is too narrow… if so what is a reasonable gap?

There was a lot of gaps in Shopify, very volatile day tbh.

Yeah, I thought the idea of setting stops was to protect against downside risk from volatility. Would have like to have taken profit at around 9% up and then for back in where it is now, but can’t do that anymore

I think this desribes the scenario.

Interesting, thanks but that interday scenario talks of open or close which I interpret as say it was 820ish at close on Friday, but opened below my stop loss on Tuesday (I get this as that’s normal to me given afterhours trading etc). But my order was made intraday as in after open and looking at the chart now it was around 20 mins after open that the price plummeted past my stop.

I’ll have to look into gaps I guess.

Well when looking gaps , it seems like one between 816 and 813.58. Your stop price 814$ was not triggered. That is how i see it, maybe I am wrong.

@Alpha Could you DM me your T212 account’s email address, please?

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Isn’t it a case it jumped from 820 to 806 so it would never have been able to get $813.50 ?

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 17.24.08