Shorting berkshire

I wasn’t going to reveal it but every month I’m going to place a short on Berkshire Hathaway, I think once he passes everyone will lose faith and sell… thoughts? I’m doing it anyway

But when he pops his clogs who will be able to take over his mantle of “Oracle”?

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This is a good and fair question. I would certainly expect a share price dip when Buffett moves on. But that in itself is not (by ordinary standards) a reason to short it now and every month. That said, I’m not going to oppose someone else doing it. Ideally, if it could be done via the Trading 212 CFD platform, that would be best for me.

the junk that man eats Im surprised his arteries and cholesterol haven’t knocked him off yet lol actually could be a good short but knowing him he has contingency plans in place for his company

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I’m going for the jugular haha, but Im thinking it will be a while before they trust the new leader, i just have to make sure o have enough money for margin calls if it goes up, probably start it end of next week see how it goes

Imagine if the dude lives for another 5 years. Your shorts would need covering quite a bit.

I do agree with the concept though, the poor guy should just hand over the reigns before he dies rather than after, as by not doing so he is essentially hurting shareholders because a selloff is imminent.


This is the problem I’m facing and probably willing to take, another is if we have a market crash and people sell, could become undervalued and people re buy. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or it’s going to work, I think the stock will eventually fall but like you said if he lives next 5 years I’m gna need short money haha

I’d hedge it.

Long ARK investments,
Short Berkshire.

If this works - you owe me a beer :beer: lol !

Cfds ??? & if it works I’ll be buying more than beers haha!

Long ARK in the invest/ISA account and pop a short on a CFD for berkshire.
Only issue would be the swap fees over a long term period, but if ARK pulls it’s weight, should offset and swap decay and share loss.

Who knows :smiley:

Is it ARK? In invest as can’t find it and on I have a xrp long on cfd how long before you get charged??? Is this what you mean? And is there a way to work out how much you would need to cover Margin say if Berkshire rose every 5 dollars or smt? If u get me

Sure it could all be worked out.
Check the SWAP Fee on the right hand side panel. It will say the cost to hold per day, then times that by 365 etc for a year hold.

Likewise with the price, just work out max amount of % upward it could go and work out the cost backwards.

I think ARK investments is IPO’ing soon, so they may not be on here just yet. Not entirely sure.

Got a source for this?

I may end up with egg on my face here.

I was reiterating stuff I had seen on here. Sorry no source.

I remember seeing something about ARK ETF or something in relation to Cathy.
May be wrong - not 100%

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TY @Cashurkash that was the one.

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I like how you’re betting on Buffet dying.

Personally don’t think he’ll be dead in the next 5 years, but what do I know. :woman_shrugging:

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He’s 90 this year if I remember correctly.
If he has another 5 years in him, i’d be shocked.

In his recent appearance he really did seem aged.
Who knows, maybe he will be put inside a liquid chamber like on Futurama.

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Can’t find any swap fee on cfds… ?