[SOLVED] Rebalancing: Less bought than sold according to contract note statement?

I rejigged my pie on Monday (kicked out a bunch of ETFs and replaced them with just VWRP because I must stop gambling) and am now scratching my head at the Contract Note Statement.

Sold piecemeal: 9067.14 + 1504.2 + 75.21 + 16.87 + 13.8 + 1491.36 = 12168.58 GBP
VWRP bought piecemeal: 6676.82 + 4119.74 + 1249.18 = 12045.74 GBP

Where’d the 122.84 GBP difference go? The pie seems to show the correct value when subtracting the returns since Monday, but I’m wondering if there is an accounting error somewhere? The number of shares in the contract note and in the app are the same.

Huh. The pie now shows the value of the contract note total when subtracting the gains. So I’m back to wondering where my 122 GBP went…

£60+ in stamp duty?

12000 * 0.005

But where would the second 0.5% of stamp duty come from? And shouldn’t that be listed in the contract note? :thinking:

Ignore me just realised it’s an ETF no duty🤦‍♂️

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Oh DUH. It’s sitting as cash in my pie, I didn’t see that. Really weird, why wasn’t it invested… anyway, the mystery is partly solved.

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