Rebalancing of pie

During US trading on Friday I wanted to take out IVR out of my dividend pie ( as they have reduced their div by 96%) and replaced the stock with JNJ.
The pie stock exchange happened but JNJ sat as 0% despite me changing the default allocation from 1% upto 5% (equal to each of my other 19 stocks). I then clicked the ‘rebalancing’ button to see if JNJ would show as being allocated the 5% and then rebalancing stayed at 55% for 10 minutes or so and then I cancelled when I realised the pie was reducing half of my already 5% allocated stocks to a lesser £ amount (approx 20%) from £1 per stock to 80p on US stocks only. I then clicked the rebalance button as my %'s and £ amounts where all out. Now I’m waiting for Monday morning for FTSE open to see what UK shares will be sold (think the rebalance stated 3 UK stocks but I have approx 7 in my porfolio) and rebalance.

JNJ still isn’t showing the stock % or £ has been bought even though it’s in my pie

Have I misread how this works or is there a bug?

My first time swapping a stock in pie so not sure if I’ve messed this up and why would FTSE be involved in selling several of my UK stocks?

Cheers @Team212 @George @David

The best way to swap a stock out for another is not to use rebalance. Just withdraw the value of the stock you want to take out, using Custom withdrawal %s setting 100% for the stock you want to take out. Then add the new stock and do a Custom invest with 100% going into the new stock.

Thanks I’ll take note for future reference.

So why have I not purchased JNJ if its showing in my pie but not in my list of stocks in my investment tab?
Is it I’m waiting till the rebalance finishes on Monday morning and then will purchase Monday afternoon after 2.30pm?

Should I just cancel the rebalance despite it halve already doing so.

I’m confused now :crazy_face:

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