[solved] Weird price alert triggered - bug?

As you can see I had 3 alerts. The chart does not show that 6.250 was reached, but it might have been a crazy dip. It’s a bit far off, but okay.

But then… why were the other two alerts not triggered?

Switch to Candles and 1-minute chart.

If you had a penny for each time you’ve said that…

Today I saw ING stock say 8.9% down for about a split second.
Wish I had put some money down :joy:

You probably overlooked the actual question:
How is it possible that a lower price alert is triggered but the higher ones are still are active? If it went that low, all of them should have been triggered!

if the market gaps, higher prices will have been skipped and not actually passed hence why a low alert can be triggered but not the higher ones. I believe the system may favour triggering 1 alert at a time so on the occasion that a lot are set off, it may prioritise the latest one and skip the previous.

doesn’t usually happen however so you might have faced a small bug or glitch that only affects a minority of people.

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I can’t see any huge spikes. 6.633 showing the low. The alert was miles from it 6.250

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 18.49.17

and to call out the elephant in the room -

the alert is for SUWS but you have opened the chart for SUSW.


:man_facepalming:good spot.

Ok let’s try that again. :joy:

So no weird bug, definitely got to 6.250 on that instrument which the alert was on.

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Haha awesome! of course, that explains anything!

Which leads us to how annoing the alerts are which cannot be clicked to directly go to a stock and that you usually have to use search. So the “bug” is just a usability issue

PS: I never doubted that it did dip to 6.250. According to how many are talking about that it seems to be a hot topic ^^