Speculating a stock

Ok, How am I ever going to be able to speculate a sudden change like this! I was looking through Yahoo Finance and there is no news there! Are we now trying to bid against AIs? Where do I look to get decent market data? I am beginning to think maybe I should look into some paid sources and if so, which ones? What do you guys do?

You’ll never be able to do this reliably. Anyone that tells you they can is either lying or operating illegally.

So how can this happen?

Adding a bit of context with longer term price history - the SP has soared today on takeover news. To get in before this would take insider information which is illegal.

What are your thoughts on AI predictions?

This jump in price is very simply explained - the company received an offer to buy the company.

Some chart indicators did turn positive on the 5th May but the fact that there was little indication of the jump tends to suggest that the news didn’t leak (much). The price did gap up slightly a couple of days ago (Thurs) and there was a bit of a market shake on Fri. However, you will never get advance notice of a buyout (unless you are an inside in which case you can’t trade).

I’m very sceptical of paid sources and they have a very mixed/poor record for their recommendations.

In terms of things like this I think that it comes down to doing the research and buying on fundamentals. If a company is good then its share price performance should reflect that.

From the Newswire: " NeoGames was up more than 114%, a day after the company said it agreed to be acquired by Australian gambling machine manufacturer Aristocrat Leisure for $29.50 per share in cash, valuing NeoGames at about $1.20 billion."