SPI 3000%+ gains

try this


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Shame it wasn’t on CFD for a quick short


T212 are very happy we can’t short it haha

i’m impressed, its strong as it reached $18 now $26

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Pretty much immediately halted again anyway

I sold at $33 and it was halted …

By the time it was in halted I ended up selling at $18 … :joy:

damn its a fighter $30+

Too late. Already down.

@Snake The spread would be utterly horrific if they did, far too much risk for them at the moment

Anyone know if I can challenge a sell price? I can’t see the graph going down to $18

At 19:38 low of 17.4508

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Ok thanks that makes sense … just learnt a hard lesson :slight_smile:

Goodbye $ what happen to this stock pump and halted and dump wow :sweat_smile:


Reminds me of something else :thinking:

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