SPI 3000%+ gains

To all who played SPI today I salute you!

That’s all :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:

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3800% now :rocket: :rocket:

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to the moon and back

Damn 4333% :rocket::rocket:

Down she goes :hole:

so eye wateringly impressive

Think it got halted now

I can’t lie I got my toes wets and got out

:sweat_smile: :joy: :joy:

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@David please add SPI Energy to CFD as soon as possible. Thanks

my eyes are peeled to see this opening price… OMG the bag holders will be painful

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Can someone explain what happens when we only see basically straight lines for minutes? (and the price doesn’t change either)

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suspended/halted due to news

Which way is it gonna go…

Hands up who looked at this at 250% and said “oh well, maybe next time”? :raised_hand:t2:



YEP, and with a suspension like this i’d be surprised if its not reaching low $20

Hi so what does this mean ?

Is there some sort of investigation?

What happens if we have money in the stock?

Another here :wave:

Twenty characters

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It’s deceptive as the MACD suggest an upwards tilt, but it cannot possibly shoot any higher… right???

It will reopen, the halts last from 5-30 minutes. SUNW and POLA is also halted and tends to be due to high volume of trading

I’m sweating at the mo :slight_smile:

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i doubt it will move higher as SUNW and POLA are running… SPI time will tell

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