Stock Icon update

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Hello, please can you upload for Bluefield Solar Income Fund


Can you see my posts on this thread? Just checking.



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Yes, I can :ok_hand: Thanks for sending the missing logos.

Concentrix Corporation (CNXC)

Hi there just wondering if JGGI is getting added soon I just see a few people asking for it other than myself :blush:


It would be useful if you could give us the ability to upload the logos ourselves. It would save you guys a lot of time. Just give us the guidelines for each one such as file type and sizes.

Or at least give us the option to add them “privately” - meaning what ever we upload wont show to other users, just to ourselves in our own app’s. As I understand why you might not enable this feature for users.

By displaying logos on stocks it just makes the app it look neater. Just how I like the correct football boots been added to footballers on FIFA video games :joy:.

Please consider this feedback.


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Hey, everyone :wave:

We’re working on a permanent solution when it comes to missing logos from the app. We’ll let you know once we have an update. In the meantime, you can keep sending your suggestions here - it’s much appreciated :pray:



MGM Resorts


Add: Shenzhou International Group


Oklo Inc. $OKLO


Add: Xiaomi (XIACY)


If it’s no big deal I would like to request the following (very established) companies for having their logo shown:

  • Daimler (DTG)
  • Stellantis (STLAP)
  • Van Lanschot Kempen (VLK)

Hey guys, could you please add the logo for this company BKW (Switzerland) :

The logo is:


Hey guys,

Any update ?


Could we please have an Icon update for Methanex (MEOH). Largest producer of Methanol in the world.


Could I request a Logo update for the following Companies?

Taylor Maritime Investments (AIM)


Smurfit Kappa (FTSE 100)

Tritax Eurobox (FTSE 250)


You sure it isn’t just full of…beans?

Hi team any updates on JGGI? I see a few other people asking for updates on their requests too.

Hi, once again asking for an update as they have become very far between.

I wonder if you could add missing icons for the following tickers:

CER (Cerillion)
DNOPY (Dino Polska)
EBOX (Tritax Eurobox)

Thank you!