What can we expect this afternoon please, T212?

Can anyone from @Trading212 give us a prognosis for this afternoon’s session so we can take possible steps to prepare ourselves, either way?

If there’s anything you can give us it would be appreciated. Thanks.


Just over an hour until US markets open, is there no insight staff can give us?

The recent events are not something that can be planned in advance. Take yesterday as an example, when external factors beyond our control caused the inconvenience.

One thing you may be certain about - we’re all working tirelessly to ensure that our clients are receiving nothing less than outstanding service. Digital businesses, like ours, however, cannot commit that an external factor or a technical difficulty won’t somehow affect the expected flow of operations.


Why what’s happening this afternoon??

Can’t get onto the Server to look at my Portfolio.


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Is this what the “what’s happening this afternoon” means?

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Server down?
What’s going on again?

So what is the external factor? Is it basically that the server is down? Some specifics would be helpful.

Thanks for responding, @Tony.V - please try to let us know of any possible interruptions; sometimes they can be foreseen.

Good luck all (including staff and mods :D)

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Thew financial Times were saying international brokers systems had an issue

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