[Stock request] Kefi Minerals

I’m expecting a pump next week towards that 2.7p again. Potentially decent news coming in next couple weeks.

If Harry delivers some decent news it can be into 3s pretty quick.

Who knows can it pull a GGP and sit at 20p+ :crossed_fingers: :sweat_smile:


20p would be nice haha :crossed_fingers:t2:. This is one that I’ll probably miss judge the exit on :upside_down_face:.

Let’s hope Harry provides good news over the next few weeks and we start to see more positive runs.


@David I’ve noticed quite a few of the AIM stocks this morning are failing to get the current ask, but the bid seems to be updating.

Can you have a grumble at your provider?

If the sell price starts going past the buy price you got to admit there’s an issue. Currently a zero spread according to T212.

Ready to screenshot it.

So about five hours later we have a new ask at 1:45pm

Now showing what I would expect @David


@George @Martin @NickS @PeterA

Please seriously stop it T212 you knew their was an issue, I was told it was reported and would be resolved with the provider. It’s incredibly clear there was an issue as documented.

Don’t just now send me an email telling me nothing was wrong. I’ve redacted the name just to save embarrassment.

It’s annoying. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Please improve your chat experience, being fobbed off as “low liquidity” or being told something you know isn’t true doesn’t help. It shouldn’t be such a battle to report an issue. I understand things go wrong and a lot of them are out of your control.

Can actually not believe you got fobbed off with the liquidity email too :exploding_head:

I enjoy this platform for all my other stocks but for AIM stocks I’m seriously wanting to change to a more reliable service! It’s all these issues that could potentially cost the buyers/sellers a lot of money.

Everything you detailed above you’ve gone through with a fine tooth comb - it’s as if they’re too busy or unqualified to formulate an accurate response.

I hadn’t even realised the ask price was incorrect (not looking at selling but when I do now I know I’m going to have to be extra vigilant, meh…I just don’t think it should be this hard work?)

It’s like they are purposely trolling me now. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That copy+paste :exploding_head:

You have to be gentle. :slight_smile:
Realise some folks in support are junior and probably know less about market then yourself. I just keep asking same question and pointing to facts, sooner or later it gets proper response. :partying_face:

The problem I’ve faced a few times is I struggle to get chat to actually take me seriously. I understand a lot of support queries are trivial and/or a new trader getting confused, but they still need to actually take 5 seconds to look at what I’m saying, read it and look and then hopefully go ‘oh ok this isn’t just a usual case of x I need to actually give it my attention and report the issue’.

Rather than what copy+paste can I use to resolve this ticket :thinking:

I feel so sorry for @David with me @ing him all the time to actually get shit done.

With just the bid price moving its a shame it didn’t overtake the ask. That would have been a great screengrab with a sell of 2.3 and a buy of 2.2 :rofl:

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So I’ve been told limits are auction only, how did this go through? :astonished: :thinking:

@phildawson They are, that’s why you see TOTV. If it was off-book, you’d see OTC.

At 10:02? 11:29 also.

Auctions happen at these set times 8:00, 9:00, 11:00, 2:00, 4:35 to be TOTV?


@David Shouldn’t these be OTC if they were off book and “over the counter” inside the T212 / IB network between auctions?


:raising_hand_man:t3: anyone ready for the next move towards 4p


Ready and waiting Phil! :raised_hands::partying_face:

Yep I’m ready. Enjoying the ride so far!

Looks like its ready to break out soon and pull the 50 back over the 200 :eyes:


Come on Bloomberg :crossed_fingers: please give us quotes starting from 8:00am

@David is there another update from Bloomberg :sweat_smile:

Again Bloomberg has no quotes on open like the other brokers

If anyone wants to know its 1.995 on the ASK

Not this