[Stock request] Kefi Minerals


:raising_hand_man:t3: anyone ready for the next move towards 4p


Ready and waiting Phil! :raised_hands::partying_face:

Yep I’m ready. Enjoying the ride so far!

Looks like its ready to break out soon and pull the 50 back over the 200 :eyes:


Come on Bloomberg :crossed_fingers: please give us quotes starting from 8:00am

@David is there another update from Bloomberg :sweat_smile:

Again Bloomberg has no quotes on open like the other brokers

If anyone wants to know its 1.995 on the ASK

Not this

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@phildawson do you know when the next project update of KEFI is due?


On Wednesday there is a talk by Harry himself via Zoom. If theres a Q&A then I might ask the Q

Everyone expecting Q1 still for funding RNS, so that means next three weeks.


Public zoom link? Or just for high profile investors? How to get access? Would be nice if I could follow as well

Heres the link to get the zoom link

Wed 3:25pm UK time


First Cab off the Rank is Australian to mean we are the first in line to get stuck in whilst others can only watch. Along with the recent job posted about needing a new HR I’m taking that as a good sign.


You are a legend, thanks! <3

Hi @phildawson,

Any highlights from the talk?
Did you manage to ask your question?

Also, as its not from the company but a seminar, do you know if the recording will be made available?

It was just Harry basically reading out the slides so you haven’t missed anything from not watching it. (No Q&A on anyone presenting today)

The best bit is one of the slides has March listed so at least for now not trying to kick the can down the road, and it does sound like it’s all ready to go.

Here’s the slides


Almost party time :champagne:

Looks like we have a last minute FOMO in from investors today with everyone expecting the RNS tomorrow.

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Ah, I see, that’s why the stock jumped today, could not find any news.

What does RNS stand for?

Regulatory News Service - its a way of ensuring any news reaches ALL hands at the same time. Essentially a way, the hope, to limit insider trading on good news.


Essentially any company needs to formally declare any news that would significantly alter the SP.

Something like funding being secured, would essentially derisk the project so that it could proceed.

Investors on KEFI have been waiting about six months for this. So pretty huge news.

A lot of bullish people expecting it to do a GGP style run once it’s gets moving.

I’m expecting 4p then a 1p selloff as people take profit then it goes up :point_up:

40p endgame would be nice.


Should add that anyone investing in KEFI that wants the telegram group just send me a PM :+1:


Phil, if I may ask, when you (an example, applicable to anyone) have a target value, what do you base it on?