[Stock request] Kefi Minerals

Well for a profitable business PB/PE/PEG are to look at to see if it’s good value and undervalued.

KEFI you have to look at potentials at this point. Gold and Copper in the ground, basically the only company with license to mine in Ethiopia. A second project in Saudi Arabia too. Low market cap.

Worth checking out the recent slides which has the latest.

I would say 40p would be if you are prepared to hold until end of 2022 and all goes well.


That kefi chat on telegram is trying to sell me more of something I already own. These guys are so bullish its scary, even unhealthy to pump up everyone like that. I muted the chat, this is ridiculous. I share your view @phildawson throughout…

Even on bullish outlook one has to remain sensible…“selling all other holdings to load up on kefi lol…”

Don’t be put off by Rio he’s the biggest bull I’ve ever seen on stock. I assume he needs to be if he’s putting all eggs in one basket and betting on a single stock paying out.

Ignore the “bull”, the chat is useful so it’s best muted and let them hype themselves up.

I have 4p on news being announced, to me that’s realistic from the current 2.3p.

I expect some taking profits on news and could pull it back a penny. Then it’s a case of let’s see where it can go. We need it to start before talking about profit taking at 40p. :sweat_smile:


You’re so right. It’s such a helpful telegram chat to be part of but I have it muted.

I take 80% with a pinch of salt but if you read between the over inflated lines you often find some news that’s worth holding onto.

It’s been a fun journey so far. I’ve enjoyed topping up and don’t look at the charts every day so was happy to see KEFI up 23% for me on friyay!

Such a kick in the crotch today. Looks like another hold till probably June (Q2 2021)

One day :pray:

I know right!!! It was always a longer hold so taking it as it is. The rough with the smooth. Would have been nice to scalp some profits but alas it never reached the height I wanted (yet!)

I was green for a day :cry:, frustrating stuff but thats investing.

Apart from kicking the can further because they still need people to get their pen out and make a mark, the RNS is fine.

Looks like those wanting to flip for a quick profit have left, and the SP just went back to the daily 200 EMA.

Time to top up for any of you? :smiley:

I thought that the RNS was in line with expectations, why has it fallen?
I would have expected it to continue “flat”.

I am a bit confused about the whole thing. Whats happening? No financing secured?! Thats bad for junior miner right? I have read that kefi will do an offering in 2021. That will make SP fall more right? Please can someone explain?

I was doing quite well for a week or so. I think you’re right. Seems to be no patience in stocks :rofl: I hold until I see what I want and then sell rather than all this flipping. Patience of a damn saint (when it comes to my two mine stocks) I’ve discovered!

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Its worth reading the full RNS but its main news regarding funding for the Ethiopian project is

The Tulu Kapi Gold Project (the “Project” or “Tulu Kapi”) remains on track overall, in line with previous guidance with the financial closing program having commenced and remaining in progress. Notably, the project finance consortium remains focused on:

· approval and execution of detailed finance documentation in the current quarter, Q2 2021;

· receipt of Project equity/subordinated debt subscriptions to settle following the KEFI Annual General Meeting in June 2021 and senior debt drawdown to then follow in H2 2021; and

· production commissioning of the open pit mine to start in Q4 2022.

So it basically means it’s in progress, expected Q2. So either May or June. I’m guessing June.

It was generally a decent RNS but it didn’t have those funding finally secured words everyone was waiting for so yep that share price drop was those traders that were only in to flip 2p into 4p and have gone elsewhere in the meantime.

For everyone in its a case of wait 50-70 days.

Those buy the rumour traders will be back end of May I suspect.


For anyone that hasn’t read it and is interested, here is today’s RNS:


Well then I have more time to sink funds I acquire in the meantime, I have been steadily increasing my position every month since dec/jan. Thats actually good news for me I guess