Stop loss doesn't works

Can some of you help me? @David @Martin @PeterA @Team212

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Read the message before say this

I feel like I should be given a :trophy: at this point for perseverance. Not even a thanks.


So to sell my stocks the price should arrive at 15.20 again? And if the price arrive at 1$? This is not how OCO orders work.
Again, I setted al sell limit (take profit) and a sell stop (stop loss). If price goes bellow my stop loss at 15.20$ the broker has to close the position, and delete the take profit (sell limit order).
I use Oanda to trade forex, index and commodity and on MT4, TradingView and Oanda web platform OCO orders work in this way. Why here not?


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The practice Invest account works the same as the Invest account.

In the invest account where you can only open long positions you set a sell stop where you want it to sell to protect you, you set a buy stop where you want it to buy.

The stop limit in both buy/sell just creates a limit order instead of a market buy.

So say you bought in at 16.

The price is going up and down between 15-17.

You might set a sell stop at 10 so if it was really going to tank down to 1 you would only lose 6p per share. Without the limit it’ll just get you the best possible, so if it was really going down fast it might get you only 8 etc

I know that they work in the same way. I said that there is a sort of bug. Do you read my message?

I can’t obviously see you describing a bug with the practice Invest account. It seems to be working as intended.

What’s it doing, and what do you think it should be doing instead?

At this point it’s going in circles.

It should close my position at 15.20$, or the first price available below 15.20$

Simply, if you are selling, your LIMIT value has to be lower than the STOP value.
The reverse applies if you are buying.

Yeah so the “sell stop” would trigger at 15.20 and get you the best price possible, might be above, below or exactly 15.20.

If you set a “sell stop limit” the limit would need to be at or above the value. In your first example you have set the limit to 18 which is way higher than it’s been for months.

the limit is at 18$, it is the take profit

I bought some shares and I wanted to sell at 15.20$ (SL) and 18$ (TP).
To do this I setted an OCO order.
Sell limit = 18$
Sell stop = 15.20$
What is the problem?

You are asking for 18 a share minimum when the current ask is ~15.20 that’s not going to execute.

Because the price didn’t reach it. You can’t trigger a stop loss and a take profit in the same time. You can only sell in profit or in loss. I was in loss, price below 15.20$. The broker had to sell at the first available price.

Your instructions mean:
Put the shares in the market when the price reaches 15.20 BUT don’t sell them below 18.

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You needed to just use the stop in this case and not the stop limit.

Or set the limit on the stop below like 14 as an example. It’ll try and get 15.20 in that scenario but it should get you at least 14. The only time that obviously wouldn’t work if it did a massive jump down below from above 15.20 to below 14 and kept going down.

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Nono it was sell below 15.20 or when the price reach 18.

This is what the app says when I try to sell my AMD share:

Here is a pic already posted about how sell orders work (to avoid misunderstandings, not to say you don’t know)