My suggestions for a leading platform

I’ve been using Trading212 from a while and I have some suggestions:

  1. Add new markets such as Italy, Portugal, Greece, Canada, China, Korea, Japan. At least main stocks of each. (As Italian I would love to invest in my economy, and I read many posts in the past by other european users feeling the same need)
  2. Give the possibility to have a multy currency account (like Revolut). For example, I’m using a USD account cause when I opened it I planned to trade mainly american stocks. Now that I changed my mind and want to switch to european market, I’m forced to open a new EUR account to avoid the FX volatility.
  3. Add a filter to search ETFs. I understood recently the potential of good ETFs, but it’s a mess to find the good one for my necessity. It would be useful a filter like “Dividend policy”, “Yield”, “Geographical area”, and so on.
  4. Add some actively managed ETFs. They would represent a new offer on the platform, something similar to a mutual fund.
  5. Add margin investing (like IB). I saw that there are so many small investors using this service, some of them are talented but limited from the small amount of available resources. I think it could be great to add a 1:2 margin to double our capital, with a reasonable interest.
  6. Fix the index of available stocks, adding all of them in the list and making easy to explore for example using filters like dividend yield, p/e ratio, capitalization.

The thing I like most about your platform is the continous upgrade and development of new functions. I strongly believe that this could become a leading service if you guys never stop to improve it and listen our feedbacks.
I’m suggesting T212 to many of my friends cause I think you won’t disappoint us!


Austrian and Italian stocks would be great choice for us continental users. I hope they add them soon.


Here’s another few suggestions

ACCEPT responsibility when you’re wrong and show humility rather than taking a default position that the client is wrong and then having to do a 180 later

Answer emails in a timely manner or at least have the decency to ask for extra time when you can’t cope with the workload and give an estimated time for response

Don’t treat client’s as if they’re stupid by attempting to make them accept financial loss for YOUR mistakes

Prioritise complaints over general enquiries

Pull some staff off the forum and put them on emails, you got staff here reducing min. order quantities for people etc. when there are more important emails that are going unanswered in the meantime

Hi all, may I suggest that you tag @Team212 if you want any replies from the team?
I have found that if you do not tag them, then they tend to miss the post. So probably best to tag them :smiley:.

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