Sunday Times reports

Sunday Times reports today in an article,

Cheap ways to join the army of armchair traders:

“Trading 212 offers free trading and no charges on ISAs worth less than £2,000. After that you pay 0.7 per cent on your savings.”

Where did they get that?

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That’s the fee of instant deposit methods, past an initial 2000£/€/$.

Doesn’t apply to manual bank transfer, and doesn’t sound like it accurately describe the situation 🤷


Any word on when UK registrations open in the article?

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Clearly the journalist was being pressed for an article when they had nothing so they cobbled together some bs swill using reddit hate threads as a source of ‘reliable’ information. LOL!


calls for a “correction and clarification”. hope the @Team212 are paying attention to this. i hate sensationalism based on incorrect or misleading facts

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Thanks for sharing, @Richard.W. We do not apply fees for bank transfers & instant bank transfers. There’s a detailed article in our Help Centre here that is dedicated to the topic.

It’s also worth confirming that we do not charge any fees on your savings.

@H2T2 We will get in touch with the newspaper to discuss the misinterpretation of our conditions.


Here is the link to the article.